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Faces of Feminism

So you know how you’re on the internet and you suddenly find yourself on a really cool website and you’re not sure how exactly you got there but you’re digging it? Well, I just magically landed on Art Hound, an art blogger who shows off her great eye for emerging artists and freely admits to her latest crushes for us all to enjoy. There’s nothing more exciting to me than finding someone who loves to share their eye for art or photography or music and basically does a lot of legwork for me so I can just buzz through and be astounded by it all.  The blog itself is designed beautifully, so check it out.  In the meantime, what initially caught my eye was the intersection of art and music in her post on a series of paintings called Hot Topic by artist  Kirsten McCrea. Hot Topic happens to be a song by one of my all-time favorite bands Le Tigre, and these 60 works are portraits of all the feminists called out in the song by that name, plus the three band members. You can buy the book now too. In case you want to know who they all are…take a listen.

Image credit: Kirsten McCrea

Teen Beat in Flames

This was supposed to be yet another post about Kathleen Hanna, or maybe parenthood. In my ongoing  fascination for all things Le Tigre I clicked over to read a recent interview of her on a blog I hadn’t yet heard of.  In the process I discovered an awesome band about whom I am apparently the last to know. Rocking the best band name on earth,  Care Bears on Fire is a trio of smart, feminist teenaged girls who have been singing together since 5th grade.  The lead singer of CBOF is Sophie Rae, and it was on her blog  where I found Kathleen Hanna’s views on Barbie (pro, up to a point) and communication between kids and their parents (also pro). The blog, Grrrlbeat is a brand new online zine, so take a chance and submit something today. I just read an article  on there deconstructing the first ever ad using the color red on a maxi pad. Great stuff. Entries like that help me rest easy at night knowing someone is paying attention and writing it all down. 

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