Do YOU Hollaback?

I’m not exactly a wallflower. I stand out for a variety of reasons, mostly due to other people’s gender confusion, but hey, we are all a little different in our own way, right? Regardless, there are people in this world who just can’t stand for anyone to be themselves, or to hold hands with the person they love, or to be, uh walking down the street? being happy? going for a cup of coffee? whatever?

That’s when those sad, bored people take it out on us by saying something rude, or raunchy, or mean  (or sexist, homophobic, etc., you get the picture). I’ve been listening to it for years and years and years, and giving it right back to them on many angry occasions. I’m so sick of it. It was a happy day for me then, when I discovered an awesome organization that is actually trying to stop it!

Hollaback! is a group that’s doing something revolutionary. They organized a movement to end street harassment powered by local activists in 45 cities, 16 countries, and in 9 different languages around the world. In so doing, they are attempting to elevate all of our experiences of walking down the street by creating a mechanism for people to holler back at their harassers, literally, metaphorically and technologically. We all know street harassment is just a gateway to way more serious acts of violence. Please check them out and get involved in your local community. Atlanta hollers back!   Connect with Hollaback on Facebook or Twitter, and find out how you can help end street harassment in your town.

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